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Press Release for Racing Yesterday

"To prepare for any race is risky, fate can interfere and the race may not happen. However, one must risk to win. Competing is a personal process of development driven by your commitment to improve and making an honest shot at reaching your potential, In Racing Yesterday, Andy Baxter takes us on his
journey to prepare for the Olympic trials. He charts a gritty and witty course as he is transformed from a masters athlete into an elite oarsman. Every practice is a stress test, a joy, or a revelation, but every row brings him closer to his goal. An inspiring book that encourages us all to step out of our comfort zone, take up meaningful challenges, and find fulfillment in our lives every stroke of the way."

Marlene Royle, Rowing Coach
Specialized in training plan design for masters

"Time has a way of making you forget exactly how hard you must train to reach Olympic heights. Andy Baxter has brought it back to reality in Racing Yesterday. He was 41 years-old at the Olympic Pair Trails in 2008 - a spring chicken compared to his partner, Steve Kiesling, 51. After 18 months of tough-as-nails training, they pulled up next to Bryan Volpenhein and J.R. Read at the Olympic Pair Trials. Needless to say, they ain't in Ashland anymore. To learn (or to be reminded) what is required of a rower to reach this rarified, Olympic-level of speed-over-2000 meters, read Racing Yesterday."

Brad Lewis
Olympic Gold Medalist
author, Assault on Lake Casitas  


New York Times in April of 2008

Medford Mail Tribune in November of 2007.